A lot can be said about Alexandra Wallace, the stereotypical, narrow-minded, waiting for the call from Hugh Hefner blond moron with a room temperature IQ in Celsius and her middle school rant about Asians in the Library. I saw the video via Steve Byrne on Facebook then posted it on my page. I could only hit it with a C U Next Tuesday blast and move along. In my younger days I know I would have wanted blood. Nowadays, I shrug my shoulders and hit them with a C U Next Tuesday blast. It’s shameful to see in such an allegedly liberal state as California, and with all the wonderfulness a post-racial President being elected has brought, that there would be a xenophobe as Allie or A-Dub going on and on about people of the Yellow persuasion. What happened to the good ole days of Kumbaya? Excuse me, I am a little misty-eyed as I reminisce.

Evidently, this scat video was dropped after the devastating earthquake hit Japan. Nice job. To connect every Asian in this library to Japan shows the viewer her trip to southern California is most likely the only time she has ventured out of her sleepy little town of Fair Oaks. I wonder how she would feel if she had her family plastic surgeon involved in a natural disaster. This buffoonery goes hand in hand with the idiots who stated the earthquake was payback for Pearl Harbor. (Obviously, these mensas were unaware of the two atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki but that’s another story about our abomination of an education system ). For her commentary, there isn’t much to dissect and analyze. Her grasp of the Asian languages is befuddling to me. Her grasp of her own language is like, say like, I swear befuddling to me. And the fact she was beginning to study her for her political science finals, getting it all down, like typing away furiously, is almost stand-up worthy.

Quite frankly, what is there to say? It’s two thousand eleven and racist attitudes still exist. It doesn’t bother me to the point of threatening her life (like many did). What is bothersome to me is her lack of concentration on her political science theories and arguments and all that stuff. Our country needs a brilliant mind like hers! So when the time comes for her to hold political office, she can answer a question from a Native American. “What do you have to say about the hordes of European settlers that came to this country hundreds of years ago unannounced and uninvited? Was this a lack of American manners?”

Aalexandra Wallace

Indeed. The last time I wrote anything relevant for AsiansOfMixedRace.com was March of 2010. Almost a year. But almost does not count. Since March of last year I had been debating on what to do with the brand. I was preoccupied with personal stuff and honestly became uninterested in maintaining AsiansOfMixedRace.com. In addition, I felt like I hit a plateau with the site and at the time was unwilling to try different training techniques to force new growth. A mantra I lived by in my bodybuilding days was Train Big, Eat Big, Sleep Big. I decided on the latter. Let’s say I rested big. The time for resting is over. So now I’m ready to light up fools and knock suckas out! You can charge that to the game baby! And on that note let me state AsiansOfMixedRace.com is back!!!

This is the 5th year anniversary of this site. I launched this baby on Chinese New Year of 2006, the year of the Dog (my sign). I had big plans for the site then and I have accomplished the ones I felt were most important. What do I have planned for the upcoming year? I couldn’t tell you. Let me say some may be planned and some may be spontaneous. But whatever I do, I know most of you will get it and enjoy it! Gung hei fat choi! Gongxi fa cai!

Keep striving & keep it Hapa!
Frank aka The Angry Half-Asian Man

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